Additional Services


RMC offers full-scale facilities management services capable of handling the day-to-day management, maintenance, and financial operations of the building’s physical plant for real estate properties throughout Florida. Our professional management team integrates proven processes with state-of-the-art technology to continually improve the quality of our service, and we continually seek ways to reduce costs so that clients achieve a greater return on their investments.


RMC’s in-house accounting and finance departments provide invaluable financial planning support to assist clients in achieving their objectives. We can closely monitor budgets and accounting requirements, and handle tax planning, lease administration, and financial modeling. And through RMC’s relationships with numerous local and national financial institutions, we can offer banking options that may not otherwise be available to clients.


RMC’s role as a retail developer ensures it is highly qualified to handle construction demands for any properties it represents. Through firsthand, broad-based construction experience garnered over decades, RMC possesses the skills and know-how to coordinate and manage the entire construction process—for any project from build-outs and move-ins to remodeling and full-scale redevelopment.


Effective marketing combines information with innovation. RMC’s in-house marketing department keeps its finger on the pulse of the market and works continually to identify new ways to target potential tenants and buyers. We utilize customized print and digital marketing collateral, industry conferences, targeted email campaigns, social media, and PR to ensure that available properties are distributed to the right site selection professionals, tenant representation brokers, investors, and potential tenants.

RMC’s marketing arsenal includes our unique proprietary database, Tenant Target™, a custom application that includes a comprehensive database of national and local business owners and tenant representation brokers, which enables our team to reach targeted leasing demographics.


RMC utilizes the latest GIS technology from Sites USA and ESRI to create custom mapping and perform spatial analyses to identify potential opportunities for landlords and retailers and provide client specific solutions. Customized presentations are prepared that include competition maps, aerials, demographics, relevant market research, and site plans-- all designed to provide our clients with a more complete understanding of each property and potential opportunities in the desired market.

Our detailed studies factor in vast amounts of data, including tapestry segmentations, market potential indexes, and consumer expenditure segmentation data. This data can also be prepared and customized to assist clients in creating a more detailed psychographic profile of their targeted audience.


RMC offers its clients the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive portfolio insurance package that is competitively bid each year. The larger resulting property pool of participating clients enables RMC to offer reduced individual property premiums while sustaining a superior level of coverage.


RMC and its principals have extensive experience evaluating all types of property. We have successfully facilitated the sale or leasing of numerous varieties of office space, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, and other spaces, as well as land parcels.


RMC has extensive experience working with lenders to market and sell REO properties throughout the state of Florida. We recognize the importance of moving these properties quickly while maximizing the value of each deal.


RMC has served as the receiver and agent for a number of distressed commercial properties throughout Florida. We have extensive experience with the legal processes involved and focus on creating revenue-generating solutions to improve the cash flow of troubled assets. Our team is proficient with the unique reporting and accounting requirements involved in handling receivership assignments. We are well equipped to take on the most challenging of assignments and respond to complex situations with a disciplined approach.


Sound investment decisions cannot be made upon the review of financial statements alone. As an owner and developer of real estate in Florida, RMC is uniquely qualified to thoroughly assess the potential of an investment from every angle, in order to provide a practical rationale of its worth for a buyer. Through our understanding of client needs, our extensive knowledge of the Florida market, and our sophisticated analytical, demographic, and GIS capabilities, we are able to serve as an unparalleled brokerage partner. Our in-depth research, competitive analysis, and thorough site inspections enable tenants to assess the true viability of a new potential location and then determine the feasibility of submitting an offer to lease or buy the property.

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